Otz vs Legendary Survivors: The Compilation

Despite playing against hundreds and hundreds of different players every day, some Survivors manage to stand out from the rest. They emit a special aura that sets them apart from mere mortals. This video is a completely serious, non-comedic compilation of my encounters with them.

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  1. michaei


    پیش 14 روز

    day 2031 of asking otz to do a “my favorite survivor cosmetics” video

    • michaei


      پیش 12 روز

      @Haeters i actually wouldn’t mind

    • Hunter Myers

      Hunter Myers

      پیش 12 روز

      @not Otzdarva ill hold you to that sir.

    • Matheus Nicaretta

      Matheus Nicaretta

      پیش 13 روز

      Pretty sure he already did it

    • Haeters


      پیش 13 روز

      watch us all be trolled with a 30 minute video on why a Cheryl skin is the best thing to happen to dbd

    • Bonny Buns

      Bonny Buns

      پیش 13 روز


  2. Mr. Ditkovitch

    Mr. Ditkovitch

    پیش روز

    1:09 how did she do that?

  3. Everyone's Idol Majima

    Everyone's Idol Majima

    پیش 2 روز

    Jeremy is the hero we all need.

  4. Lich


    پیش 2 روز

    I love his face, he always looks so dumbfounded.

  5. paulhenrys


    پیش 2 روز

    Hi guys! I play DBD and I’m starting now to stream. Please help me to gain at least my first 50 followers. twitch.tv/paulhenrys

  6. Matthew Hubrich

    Matthew Hubrich

    پیش 3 روز

    Prayers for Jeremy

  7. Shrike


    پیش 3 روز

    Boy am i glad the leon didnt get away

  8. Yutoma 031

    Yutoma 031

    پیش 3 روز

    1:32 he in the left your monitor

  9. Guapscotch


    پیش 4 روز

    that leon is seriously something else

  10. Scryllix


    پیش 4 روز

    At 11:51 how does the pallet stun the killer on its own?

  11. Iuri Pappagallo

    Iuri Pappagallo

    پیش 4 روز

    1:32 slow the video, the cheryl was dead harding if you look closely

  12. Skull Gamer

    Skull Gamer

    پیش 5 روز

    Power struggle actually came in play I guess it only works against the Twins

  13. Skull Gamer

    Skull Gamer

    پیش 5 روز

    Jeremy is the reason why websites ask us if we’re bots

  14. Nicolás Rodríguez Badalá

    Nicolás Rodríguez Badalá

    پیش 5 روز

    That Nancy on autohaven wqs calling for batman, she needed help

  15. i’m bad at video games

    i’m bad at video games

    پیش 5 روز

    I take personal offense because my name is Jeremy

  16. Harry Underwood

    Harry Underwood

    پیش 6 روز

    Honestly, I'd rather a stomp than play with people who have the dial-up Internet crash sound in their Brains. At least there's _some_ interaction there...

  17. Bill Cipher

    Bill Cipher

    پیش 6 روز

    Why is it always the guys who tbag and click their flashlight that go down in 5 seconds once they're away from a safe loop?

  18. A-Tome


    پیش 7 روز

    dbd is broken

  19. B H

    B H

    پیش 7 روز

    Bat signal @ 2:17

  20. Hydrodictyon


    پیش 7 روز

    I like it how the chat just EXPLODED upon Jeremy fucking up

  21. sophia


    پیش 7 روز

    that quentin tho

  22. 𝕯𝖞𝖑𝖆𝖓 𝕶𝖎𝖓𝖌

    𝕯𝖞𝖑𝖆𝖓 𝕶𝖎𝖓𝖌

    پیش 7 روز

    2:00 Remember kids An generator a day keeps the killer at bay These kids are the example

  23. Suhhunny


    پیش 8 روز

    why are all demigorgons toxic :,)

  24. The Drunken Coward

    The Drunken Coward

    پیش 8 روز

    Honestly, I don't like friendly Killers. You worked for it, you earned the kill, fucking get it. Also, I rarely do the friendly Killer thing. Ocassionally I do, once I had a game with two disconnects, hooked one player, then realized the last one had given up and was just slip and sliding across a vault. So I... let them unhook and do the generators, because I turned friendly and I hate turning back once I did. I WANTED to, but they didn't catch on, so I didn't.

  25. born in Ireland 88

    born in Ireland 88

    پیش 8 روز

    1:35 she was at the window is he blind??

  26. Skyzer Reaper

    Skyzer Reaper

    پیش 8 روز

    So I haven't been able to find any comments mentioning this but the clip at 1:25 I'm pretty sure the cheryl used dead hard and like evaded vision. So weird;-;

  27. TRIX Z

    TRIX Z

    پیش 8 روز


  28. Ethem Aksoy

    Ethem Aksoy

    پیش 8 روز


  29. Mac Z

    Mac Z

    پیش 9 روز

    The Leon gave me a headache.

  30. AFatCat


    پیش 9 روز

    As a certified member of the Leon mains we do not accept him into the community

  31. Adonys Mercadal

    Adonys Mercadal

    پیش 9 روز

    Does otzdarva is gay?

  32. K̶V̷R̴P̶S̵E̶


    پیش 9 روز

    leon 💀

  33. Azquidif


    پیش 9 روز

    I hope jeremy is doing well.

  34. legit booty29

    legit booty29

    پیش 9 روز

    power struggle, unbreakable, flip flop, tenacity. what a legend

  35. Cave Johnson

    Cave Johnson

    پیش 9 روز

    hey ots at 1:31 whe's healing right in front of you.

  36. Exploding SnowmanYT

    Exploding SnowmanYT

    پیش 9 روز

    Lmao the Cheryl was just standing there in the shack in the second clip

  37. Le Derp

    Le Derp

    پیش 9 روز

    2:16 Dude they were tryna call batman

  38. DarkMatter


    پیش 9 روز

    The cheryl was elite

  39. Xeemix Narubu

    Xeemix Narubu

    پیش 9 روز

    got damn, I haven't played in years, what the hell was allowing him to DS over and over again?

    • Kiwibro


      پیش 8 روز

      @Xeemix Narubu New survivors have been consistently either getting good perks, or fun and gimmicky/situational perks for a while now. Can't really say the same for killer

    • Xeemix Narubu

      Xeemix Narubu

      پیش 9 روز

      @stalky Jesus christ, what the hell kinda perk, and I doubt the killers have gotten anything as half as cool

    • stalky


      پیش 9 روز

      it was power struggle (allows you to drop pallets while being carried if you wiggle 25%) and flip flop (transfers 50% of your downed recovery into wiggle), essentially giving him instant pallet drops if the killer takes too long and he goes down at a pallet, especially with unbreakable (allows you to recover faster)

  40. HoneyTiggs


    پیش 9 روز

    Can we just agree that survivors bullshitting and doing everything except the gens is the cutest thing? Like that Elodie just doing the eyecontact, Lisa just standing, looking at ''sabotaging'' Nancy, and the batman signaling.. I wanna say Feng?



    پیش 10 روز

    How was the Quentin dropping the pallets?

    • Kiwibro


      پیش 8 روز

      A combination of Flip Flop (transfers half of your recovery bar in to struggle progression) and Power Struggle (If your struggle bar is >=25%, you can drop a pallet if a killer goes through one)

  42. k4keal


    پیش 10 روز

    1:09 you can see her run away... but god damn she was invisible first time around

  43. Lumisence


    پیش 10 روز

    How did he charge power struggle so fast?

    • Lumisence


      پیش 8 روز

      @Kiwibro yes i know, but still charged it fast at one point

    • Kiwibro


      پیش 8 روز

      Flip Flop and Unbreakable most likely

  44. Akira Kurusu⁷

    Akira Kurusu⁷

    پیش 10 روز

    8:53 he had that sh*t and blew it 😭

  45. OuO


    پیش 10 روز

    What is the last perk?

  46. Umar Ahmer

    Umar Ahmer

    پیش 10 روز

    1:32 Otz actually didn't notice her lmao, I saw her and was like why did Otz look back when she is right there

  47. Camper XD

    Camper XD

    پیش 10 روز

    F for Jeremy.

  48. BLazy


    پیش 10 روز

    1:31 just standing next to a window: Steath mode 100

  49. Barnzy’s Banta

    Barnzy’s Banta

    پیش 10 روز

    The survivor at 2:10 trying to beckon Batman had Otz shook.

  50. taylor


    پیش 10 روز

    5:40 imagine teabagging, getting put in your place then quitting. typical survivor

  51. jeremy bliss

    jeremy bliss

    پیش 10 روز

    That’s hilarious my older brother is named Johnny

  52. Alfie Warden

    Alfie Warden

    پیش 10 روز

    Jeremy is so cute

  53. hitokiri shin

    hitokiri shin

    پیش 10 روز

    2:15 It's the batman signal!

  54. Nottan Ajin

    Nottan Ajin

    پیش 10 روز

    Quentin doing absolutely everything in his power to not let Otz give him hatch made me laugh so hard.

  55. Guy


    پیش 11 روز

    Y no nemesis or twins gamerplay?

  56. DJ Styles

    DJ Styles

    پیش 11 روز

    2:12 she was trying to contact batman

  57. Riley Shaw

    Riley Shaw

    پیش 11 روز

    Gotta love Jeremies of the world

  58. BasicTonic


    پیش 11 روز

    Quick question Otzdarva decisive strike or adrenaline

  59. bastian leicht

    bastian leicht

    پیش 11 روز

    Hey otzdarva i just wanted to thank you for all your guides and content your making I just got a new trapper outfit and wanted to play him and I realised through all of your videos how fun he is I’m going to play him more often and trying to get a big brain like yours I hope everyone that’s reading this has a great day 😊

  60. Brandito


    پیش 11 روز

    1:31 I don’t understand

  61. BruteSavageGaming


    پیش 11 روز

    I was there for that Claudette in the building and my jaw dropped lol. Truly a god

  62. Khaliq Barkers

    Khaliq Barkers

    پیش 11 روز

    Hey can someone look at my perks and tell me if there good or not. I think it's a good class for gen pushing and trying to escape but I play dbd every now and then. It's spine chill,Déjà vu,diversion(usually is dead hard), and kinderd.

  63. Sasuke Uchiha

    Sasuke Uchiha

    پیش 11 روز

    People please if you’re reading this go onto Twitter and if you agree with me tweet to behavior this that you would maybe or maybe not depending on what you think would like to be able to use any killer you would like in custom matches you tweeted however you want just please take the time to acknowledge this

  64. Greg The dreg

    Greg The dreg

    پیش 11 روز

    What’s the best killer for a new player to buy I had the game since like 2018 on PS4 but never really played it too much. I got oni and demigorgen already

    • Kiwibro


      پیش 8 روز

      He made a video on this irface.info/my/fy-lm-h-y/prN4g5TZjY6WtJM.html

  65. Andre Pfennig

    Andre Pfennig

    پیش 11 روز

    Sadly Leon is the new Bill Survivor stereotype, just with worse Perks.

  66. jxst1n. andre

    jxst1n. andre

    پیش 11 روز

    jeremy are the bets LMFAO

  67. A Tree

    A Tree

    پیش 11 روز

    Is deathslinger bad? I rarely see anyone using him

    • A Tree

      A Tree

      پیش 10 روز

      @Patrick Cossack oh ok thanks

    • Patrick Cossack

      Patrick Cossack

      پیش 10 روز

      He's a very, VERY skill based killer that has low mobility and atrocious perks. People don't play him, because most DBD players are extreme tryhards, extreme noobs or trolls who have no need of a skill based killer. Not to mention unless you're a great Deathslinger, you probably won't win in red ranks, so that's why most casuals and tryhards play only Nurse or Spirit, because they are OP killers with OP addons.

  68. Jojo was ukranian

    Jojo was ukranian

    پیش 11 روز

    Should've used reverse chainsaw on this Quentin

  69. Seth Tsuruya

    Seth Tsuruya

    پیش 11 روز

    1:30 "I have mastered the art of standing so completely still...that I become invisible."

  70. Nicolas Massimino

    Nicolas Massimino

    پیش 11 روز

    Hey Otz, when do you plan to reveal "The Thing"?

  71. trilo bitez

    trilo bitez

    پیش 11 روز

    These compilations give me LIFE

  72. jambu


    پیش 11 روز

    nearly lost my shit at the quentin with flip flop power struggle

  73. Michael Doyal

    Michael Doyal

    پیش 12 روز

    its so crazy that i used to watch your videos on ds3 and ds2 all the time years ago and randomly saw on of the yesterday when I started dbd. Tambien vamos espana.

  74. xBGLx


    پیش 12 روز

    Imagine to have more than 3 usable pallets at the endgame, and this Quentin could made it to the hatch by himself with a bit more luck. What a legend P.S. Leon aka Jeremy , I'm sorry for your existence

  75. Namthan boy Channel

    Namthan boy Channel

    پیش 12 روز

    2:14 he calling Batman

  76. smammy


    پیش 12 روز

    I had a hilarious moment while playing killer the other day- A Cheryl ran up to me, she through down her flash-bang, and she disconnected. She pulled a magic trick, and the rest of the game was a big meme,

  77. Biyte


    پیش 12 روز

    The legend of jeremy...

  78. issac thompson

    issac thompson

    پیش 12 روز

    I should get back into this game. I haven't played sense Demigorgon was added.

    • issac thompson

      issac thompson

      پیش 12 روز

      Probibly do the game good to get a killer main back.

  79. David Moreira

    David Moreira

    پیش 12 روز

    About the Cheryl one, maybe I'm retarted but you can see her, pay close attention in slow motion

  80. Gabriella Forrester

    Gabriella Forrester

    پیش 12 روز

    1:32 I think what happened was she led her scratch marks around the corner, and then dead headed towards the corner then ran to the pallet but other than that you got me all confused 😂

  81. bgbd182


    پیش 12 روز

    2:15 That Nancy was like: Batman, halp us

  82. hulksmash890


    پیش 12 روز

    I really need buddies that I can play with. Anyone need a player?

  83. joeyu


    پیش 12 روز

    he had a curious question ; (

  84. truMalma


    پیش 12 روز

    watching one of ur VODS on twitch: someone needs to inform you that as long as you identify/appear as a male (forgot right terminology, sorry), you can be shirtless on twitch. I'm not joking. It's not TOS, check it out. They changed it a little while ago. Plus you can just zoom the cam on your face a bit too if your self conscious

  85. BigFatty


    پیش 12 روز

    8:30 Love how it cuts from leon exploring the world to ace getting eaten alive back to him having the time of his life

  86. SirCry45 Lets play

    SirCry45 Lets play

    پیش 12 روز

    topsyW I cant believe you've done this lol

  87. Navii Shady

    Navii Shady

    پیش 12 روز

    How did she get up in the first bit.

    • Kiwibro


      پیش 8 روز

      Most likely Unbreakable. It allows you to recover faster, and even recover by yourself once a match

  88. fenixfly


    پیش 12 روز

    im watching your videos but im still bad with killer

  89. squid the dumby

    squid the dumby

    پیش 12 روز

    1:09 she you she went in the corner when you look behind you

  90. thegigsup1


    پیش 12 روز

    I'm gonna switch to him, and he's gonna be crouching behind something LOL

  91. Amos Saada

    Amos Saada

    پیش 12 روز

    1:31 dead hard

  92. ZaynXT


    پیش 12 روز

    1:34 the cheryl didnt even go in the corner, otz just spun himself lmao

  93. Saiberlorn


    پیش 12 روز

    that power struggle Quentin is the proper legend

  94. zxswerfvb


    پیش 12 روز

    Do we know what's the thing already?

  95. Old Sport

    Old Sport

    پیش 12 روز


  96. Kukułki


    پیش 13 روز

    5:55 "Camping, it's a thing... it's a strategy" ~ devs And it works.

  97. Jacob Pevec

    Jacob Pevec

    پیش 13 روز

    Hey can someone help me out im depicting between which killer i shhould buy next and im stuckk between freddy, pyramid head and nemesis someone give me some feedback

  98. Mikzy


    پیش 13 روز

    2:11 they were waiting for batman

  99. Gaming Rex

    Gaming Rex

    پیش 13 روز

    8:57 moments like this make me wonder, who the fuck is the person behind the controller? Who can play so fucking poorly? Is it my fault for being too harsh on the person fucking up, or am I in the right to wonder what kind of an idiot doesnt know the basic mechanics of the game she/he plays?

  100. K ForHonor

    K ForHonor

    پیش 13 روز

    Hey guys, for the third clip where it looks like the survivor disappeared: Slow down the video to 0.25 at 1:08 to 1:09 and make sure to be in full screen. You will see that the survivor's scratch marks disappeared because she dead harded. Edit: NVM, Otz did the same thing lol.